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on top. to double your expert on germany's bundestag election two thousand and seventeen. germany decides german bundestag election two thousand and seventeen on d w. live from london this is the job the news rescue teams trying to save lives in mexico hopes of finding most of my with some cutest earthquake freed our correspondent brings you the latest from the capital. people on the pleasure and
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they still hope they can find victims alive i know the royals it is a race against time. for the coming up a final pitch to win over undecided voters in germany before sunday's elections with just two days left ghana martin short and i'm going to america to vent a little courage by the far right or talented for germany. and britain the best to pay the price for a brick that we look ahead to prime minister to resume a speech in florida where she's expected to set out what she thinks is a fair price tag for leaving the union. hello i'm number thought she might good to have your company. hopes are receding of finding more survivors from an earthquake in central mexico at least three hundred people were killed as buildings collapsed after tuesday's powerful tremor emergency
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teams are working around the clock to help find people who may be buried under the rubble one of the most frantic efforts is taking place at a primary school in mexico city our correspondent catalina chinoy has been talking to rescue workers there. this has become the most important symbol of hope for mexico city after the earthquake it sounds for silence someone might be calling for help under the rubble here volunteers are equipped at least with a spade or a hammer so they're not all as germany though every one helps with a hammer or with bare hands lifting stones have you found people. yes of course a lot of the little while i was there at least eight people people do you will measure to prisoners. but meanwhile there are hundreds of people willing to help around the color of spilled ings in the city some are even turned away by the
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authorities they ask for more control that's what they're doing but what is it about losing it's about controlling the number and they aren't there. once we are inside the enter and go will of the people seems unlimited. people are working here for hours many of them for the last two days. either non-scientists who has been here for over twelve hours even fell unconscious but she still wants to help. that is why she was transferred from moving rubble to helping distribute food and beverage is. she strongly believes that there are still victims who are alive under the rubble. yes i really think so. this is why i'm still here. even though i fainted at least i can help a bit here. to when
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i thought you said that there was no i can no longer do so because these are my people this is my country i'm going to stay here at you well yes. according to the major of mexico city at least forty buildings in the capital have collapsed like this one experts say that people could survive up to three days under the rains this is why the atmosphere witnessing here is very tense people and their prayers are and they still hope they can find victims alive under the ruins it is a race against time. here in germany voters are gearing up for federal elections on sunday and both candidates for the post of chancellor are making a final push ahead of the vote the latest both have not been encouraging for martin shows and a center left social democrats his party is trailing chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats by a large margin fervor suggest her conservative bloc could take thirty six percent of the vote on sunday both candidates would hold their final election rallies this
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evening. that we are drawing up political corresponded of these hands drawn here standing at the brandenburg gate in the heart of berlin high hunt for the countdown to the german elections has begun to get a sense of data among the people there are getting ready to vote on sunday. yes indeed there was some splinter party that had. some speeches here a little bit earlier and a couple of oddball protesters referring to anglo american as a pig amongst other things and i spoke to about a dozen people here most of them german tourists from other areas of germany all of them said that this was an important election that they were very very interested in what the results would be and most of them in fact had voted already by mail by postal vote because they are here on a trip to berlin and not in their home area but all of them say it that what is crucial about this election is how well badly the smaller parties to both clearly
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indicate an american is headed for a drive a shift for many people in germany the big question is how the far right if this election isn't it yes indeed it will be the first time and this is very likely the a of the the alternative for germany is polling at about ten percent of the vote at the moment it's very very likely that this party will enter parliament for the first time the first time that a party of this nature has been in the german parliament for decades there are other smaller parties involved as well they are the left fogey the far left party simply called the left there is the free democrats liberal market liberal party and they all of course the environmental greens all of these small parties have roughly ten percent of the vote at the moment i was able to speak to. the local member
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of parliament for the green party this isn't what he had to say. so we're talking about a member of parliament for the greens. doing. field. we're still fighting here two more days to go and i'm quite optimistic that we will be the third. and and more than thirty percent of the waters didn't decide to whom they were going towards four so there's a lot of music in the box still and we're fighting for the next forty eight hours and we will run and then. what's most prominent about the selection is that the right wing populist. alternative for germany are very likely to enter parliament how is that going to change parliament and debate and parliament do you
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think i'm running in berlin midday on my own poena it is bad to explain schorsch she is one of the front runners of to i have to say and she never came to one discussion and schools and the marketplace is never so they are not confronting the people they're just visible on the social media but they are poisoning the debate they are scapegoating people living here for decades already the immigrants they are scapegoating there is refugees and they are looking to our back to our history in a totally different way they are. somehow thinking that it was not wrong what happened between thirty three and forty five and these are purely racist and this will definitely change the work of the german one people like gall and they are tricks on shores and pity etc they will influence our debate and devil poison
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our debate even in the bundestag that's why we democrats have to stick together and fight racism fight the ideology and tell everybody was going to vote on sunday go and vote this is very important but because these are anti democrats these are people were fighting against our democrats see that's why we have to come together and go to war and support the democratic party is of course support green and support. thank you very much. so that was john moore local member of parliament of the green party speaking to us earlier. hands from the at the brandenburg gate of course as everyone is saying that the avoid it enough to be critical thank you very much for talking to us. now the u.s. president donald trump has called a north korean leader kim jong un a mad man who's starving and killing his own people that's after kim dubbed him
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a deranged dotard now north korean state media has released this photo of came reading the statement kim was responding to transfix before the u.n. general assembly which he called the most feared roche's declaration of war in history in new york north korea's foreign minister really young whole raise the stakes even further have a listen. i think the strongest ever hydrogen bomb test might be conducted in the pacific ocean. draw in correspondence show there in the film now jason what are we to make of north korea's threat to test a hydrogen bomb over the pacific. listening to what foreign minister rewash is saying it sounds like he was just improvising when speaking with journalist there's no sign right now that kim jong un regime is preparing to test
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a hydrogen bomb out in the pacific it would be logistically challenging of course north korea's previous six tests have all been underground in north korea but doing it out of the pacific would make it much more vulnerable to some sort of preemptive strike an opportunity to shoot it down by the u.s. or maybe even japan so no signs of that is a minute at all and all of korean state media have kicked out at their chinese counterparts accusing them of fighting with the trump administration if the fiction developing between the two allies for china is north korea's largest trading. and north korea and china have always been described as close as lips and teeth ever since china defended north korea during the korean war in the early one nine hundred fifty s. but i think beijing has lost its patients with the kim jong un regime china does not want to see instability on the korean peninsula it is not pleased with kim's
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repeated missile and nuclear tests however you know this news that china is pressing its banks not to do business with north korea would be a sign that beijing is trying to squeeze the kim jong un regime but there is no reason to believe that he would that beijing would squeeze on young so much that it would collapse because at the end of the day china does not want american soldiers and in a south korean administered north korea to be on its border if the element which has crept up on the border was between trump and kim jong un. right well i mean given jungleland certainly took it very personally being called rocket man by donald trump it is getting very personal right now and we have a leader and john young as well as in washington that is not afraid to call names and talk very bellicose rhetoric right jason strother in silica korea thank you
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very much for that. this article look at some other stories making news around the wind iran's president hassan rouhani has pledged to strengthen his country's defense capabilities at a parade in tehran the country unveiled a new myside with a range of two thousand kilometers the move comes despite criticism from the u.s. and from france. in puerto rico people are assessing the damage to their island now that harken maria has moved offshore the u.s. caribbean territory of remains without power after being hit by the storm on wednesday authorities say restoring electricity could take months it was the strongest hurricane to hit puerto rico in eighty years. in mud and out thousands of people have demonstrated against the philippines president already go to testy they demanded an end to extrajudicial killings a spot of his drug war and protested against
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a tattooist threat to introduce martial law organizers fear around twenty thousand people took part in the protests. british prime if it's a reason a fed to deliver a major policy speech in italy in an attempt to revive told bragg to talk bradford's opponents have been demonstrating outside the church and sent to florence where many issues due to begin her speech in about an hour from now she's expected to propose a transition plan and touch upon issues such as trade and security cooperation may feature comes ahead of a new round of brics if they go see a sions next week. and for more let me draw in our correspondence bigot muff in london and barbara vessel in brussels welcome to both of you begin let me start with you and this is a highly intercepted speech and the pressure certainly on terrorism me what does she need to achieve here well yes in this magnificent
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and setting and florent she would really be doing good to find her own voice and to find a vision for britain where does she see the future of britain in the in relationship with the e.u. somebody has said in the daily telegraph one of the conservative papers actually upon with her no deal is better than a dead bad deal in saying no speech is better than a fudge speech so really a lot of expectations she needs to map out does she want to see the future of the britain close to the e.u. for example in the model like switzerland or further away maybe something like canada more a trade deal but also making some concrete office this is really also what brussels expecting breaking the deadlock over things like money e.u. citizens rights and the irish border and bob you of course in your fish of the list thinking earthly to that address what is it that they want from the u.k. . some realism finally from britain because the
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problem is that patients here is wearing thin we know that these rounds of talks have been have been going on for some months now with absolutely no result now what the european union wants is some concrete proposals some proposals. on the table and they want the end of blue skies thinking and have cake and eat it and this is going to be glorious rhetoric that is this can't go on like it did to resume a really has to sort of jump the hurdle today in order to convince the officials and the heads of state and government of the other twenty seven and begin one of the most hotly contested issues is a financial settlement which is supposed to be addressed in this speech what can we expect there from to resume well the figure of twenty billion euros as something that the u.k.
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is willing to pay to the it was mentioned however we don't know what this money is going to be for these old liabilities always does for future market access plus it's something that obviously we have to see whether this is really the case and we know that the e.u. expects actually more from the u.k. the figures of sixty almost one hundred billion euros were mentioned so there is widely different expectations some people here in the u.k. think well there is not going to be it's not going to be necessary to pay anything at all so this is really something well the closely looking at and behavior and offer of twenty billion euros would that be a figure that the e.u. can live with and break the deadlock in negotiations. we have to be careful here on return as they would already mentioned not to confuse old obligations old money and you money if this is for continuous market access after breakfast that is after march two thousand and nineteen for two years for instance it would just be the
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money that britain needs to pay into the pot if it wants to continue was an exit to the internal market however if that of course might be part of the payment of the total sum of around sixty billion then it is a talking point but it could just be a start for negotiations however one thing has to be clear is britain once a transition period on the same terms as it has now is a member of the european union more or less then it has to pay its dues there is just simply no discussion about that so this still seem to be quite far apart bobber of resilin brussels and bigot march in london thank you both very much for your perspectives. and of course we'll be following terry's m a speech live and bring it to you on the she's expected to talk in about forty five minutes from now coming up ahead on the news it's been two years since vine blasted verbs work behind a run of five goals by robert levin dots in nine minutes
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a repeat of that extraordinary feat is not likely but read look at how the two teams match up ahead of tonight's rematch. but before that to monica jones from our business desk and is a big story brewing in london to do with a car sharing company which is not exactly very popular in central europe already and rita and yes right sharing service has lost its operating license in london the british capital the transport regulator has decided that is quote not fit and proper in public safety and security the agency cited was approach to handling serious criminal offenses and its use of software to block regular tory bodies from gaining full access to its app the move affects over forty thousand drivers over plans to appeal the ruling and it can continue to operate until the appeal process is exhausting. how is the business world discussing the
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news over to daniel cope with standing by for us in frankfurt here looks like there is no end to worse troubles is there. yeah especially now in london this is really going to hurt the business i was actually just talking to an investor here he lives in london he told me that with the rising taxi prices were has become very famous in the city and in case they really have to stop their operation this is going to hurt them a lot and you know you mention it where has been for a long time in trouble we just remember that this year to see all and also found a colonic had to step down something that really happens in the startup industry in the united states because he was forced from investors to step down after there were news that the environment inside of the company is really bad basically a culture off fear so now of the new c.e.o. former c.e.o.
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of expedia he really has even more work to do now i mean we know that it is already having quite a few problems in europe certainly getting a foot through the door here what's happened now in the u.k. is that the beginning of the end for. well we don't really know what's going to happen now in london we are hearing that work can still operate but you know the issue that we're having and most of the countries here and europe is that it's having lots of problems because of very strong a taxi unions also here in germany where has been you know trying to hit the market where has actually a very fancy office just around the corner from here but they're having a hard time because of those taxi humans and for example in berlin where you are you can actually ask for and who were a car but in reality what would you know pick you up is a normal taxi or rental car you know right tony cooper in frank could take the
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story is not quite over just yet thank you so much for this. france's president a monolith marco has signed a series of contested law or labor reforms into law tens of thousands of people took to the streets on thursday to protest those changes the measures make it easier to hire and fire workers and allow small companies to be goetia to directly with stuff rather than through trade unions hopes the reforms will help reduce france's unemployment rate which is currently at almost ten percent. now of course the french economy is a heavyweight in the e.u. so does brussels support mccall's labor market reforms max hall from and gives us the view from brussels where common knowledge is that france needs to do this because the economy has been slacking almost for decades unemployment is almost double what it is for example in germany and many experts blame that on the lack of
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labor flexibility it's too expensive for companies to fire people to get rid of them and if they try to do so that it's very expensive but if you look at other numbers the pictures of it is a little different for example productivity is higher than it is in the united states that means that when the french do work they work well so it's a mixed bag and it's hard to tell but like i said common knowledge is this is this is. like carry a loaf tons of is poised to snatch up the largest chunk of bankrupt abil in that is according to local media reports citing insiders sources is reported to be considering a takeover of the bankrupt allen subsidiary nikky as part of the bridge to cough up the company the reports say easyjet and condo split to add billions remaining assets the airline now says though negotiations will continue until october the twelfth. and up as the latest i phone hits the shelves today the i phone ad boasts
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a new display and wireless charging that among other features excitement is high as usual but some apple fans are having qualms about the new release. it's become a familiar scene a new i phone and long lines outside of apple stores worldwide to greet it today its i phone eight buyers in australia and asia awoke early on friday to get the latest model in their hands new features include a faster processor a retina h.d. screen and wireless charging plus version offers more features not everyone is sold other smartphones already offer similar features and some say the improvements do not merit the price tag it's not much of an upgrade it's more that it shouldn't in my pretty sure to be important a issue to being called a seven s i phone some i phone fans may be distracted by the coming i phone ten model which apple announced on the same day as they pose an even larger display and facial recognition the ten is due to be released in november for a cool one thousand dollars. i think it'll be more lively here with more people with the i phone ten of us and. many customers are willing to skip the i phone
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eight altogether preorders for today's release were lower compared to past releases . wall street has picked up on the lower enthusiasm with apple shares falling yesterday and it's not just the phone apple's watch series three has received lukewarm reviews it also has a software glitch up or a field yesterday apple is fixing that problem joining up enthusiasm for the i phone eight won't be as easy. for a while talking off ensues a.s.m. i'm sure that a lot of football fans will be very it's as he asked a clean looking forward to how many goals we'll see tonight zachary because we have a really do you see encounter coming up in the bundesliga with defending champion bind hosting one of the loves of how to put a stop to the season and early a sack their coach this week but bind have also not been on a vote on a flate. it might be october first but all is not well it buyer and
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rumblings of discontent from some of the club's big names have left coach carlo ancelotti having to put a brave face on things. look at live and of skiis one who has spoken out criticizing byron summer signings. he should be happier on friday and play both the same opponents against whom exactly two years ago to the day the poll rewrote the bin this league a record books coming off the bench to score five. fold spurs new coach martin schmidt was the last month to beat by own in their own stadium when his month's team on mir in march twenty sixth but he is under no illusions of the tough task ahead especially during october fest this obvious which we know what's in store for us that it's a great experience for them to play at home at festival time and be able to prolong the evening. if live indoors he can reproduce the red hot form of two years ago for schmidt and his team could be a long night indeed. you're watching the news here's
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a recap of the top stories that we're following for you the rescue workers in mexico are raising against the clock in their search for survivors after a massive earthquake on tuesday and the window for finding people alive it's clearly closing. and here in germany voters are gearing up for federal elections on sunday with just two days left the two major parties are hoping to convince undecided voters and prevent a little feller's via the far right alternative for germany party. and then forget in order to do that he's on the go just download an app i'm going play over from the apple store now to give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as first notification for any breaking news you can also use the do you have the app to send the photos and videos. and there may be carrying. a dress on. but inhofe nothing not even if the forward to you and to see you that
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the buy. laundry guy international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week well just a sicko now to germany's national election nobody doubts that angle america will
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win a full term in office but who will have coalition. and why does it matter so much find out. next. go home. and press has that right. when makeup artists work magic and when trying to. get a lot. of each of serving up casts a spell on the star with her astounding our body. in sixty minutes. take personally i do it. with all the wonderful people and stories. does that make the game so special. for all true fans for my.
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take on more than football on line. d w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of that i've been going there you know may show you that you can show that our innovations magazine for in asia. are somewhere every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. alone a very warm welcome to quadriga coming to you from the hall to later this week it's all about the japanese national election which is now just days away.


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